Monday, 19 May 2014

I am too lazy to think of a title

An awful week of mid year exams are finally done and it is possibly the worst exam I have prepared for (ironically this is thanks to the lack of it, hah). Last minute studying is least helpful at best and well this is a painful reminder that procrastination is not an option anymore, I hope (you'd better omg). So I'm preparing myself to cease all expectations for now because I dare not imagine the dismal results coming my way. 

Things to be grateful for: 

Alright so awful exams aside, on to the better days this past few weeks - A divs have finally concluded and...we reached the quarter-finals!! Apparently CJ has only gone this far once before us so YESSS we did it and the team is amazing :) 

The teachers treated us to Koi as promised; it became some sort of mantra for us hahaha because they said that if we got into the second round, "CJ GOT THE KOI"! 

A few weeks back we also received our Project Work results. It was rather nerve-wrecking anticipating the grade we were about to get - after all that extra effort everyone has invested. Stacy, Jub and I were waiting anxiously outside the Audi and when we were told that we all got As, we literally jumped and screamed. I couldn't be more thankful for my group because PW would have been a hopelessly dreadful time to go through alone - meeting at Starbucks Wheelock on Sundays, trying all sorts of international food, crashing each other's houses, laughing hysterically at what does not seem to be funny at all - will definitely miss those times! Glad we all got our As :) 

Also, got to meet up with the dearest bunch of tards ♡ it's so comforting to be with them and I miss them so :'( really looking forward to our Timbre dinner soon! 

"I am proud to call you mine" 

Also I tried drying the roses Grace gave when she came down to support one of our matches and I'm quite satisfied with the way they turned out. I attempted this with the Easter flowers too... but I accidentally caused them to fall out from the window. Oops :( 

Managed to capture this beautiful sunset from my window the other day ahh it's a shame a lot of the view was blocked by the flats. Still, it has become some sort of routine for me to always look out for this during evening time. It's my favourite time of the day and one of the little, constant reminders that there is beauty all around you, even if you're having a really crappy day. 

"The shadow of the day, will embrace the world in grey, 

and the sun will set for you." 

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