Sunday, 15 March 2015

Marchin' On

It's now only the middle of March but a flurry of events have passed and it feels like I've taken a plunge into a whirlpool. 'A' level results were released two weeks ago, and I did much better than I'd expected! In all honesty I dared not to expect much after realising that pretty much anything could happen and well, I didn't exactly have a smooth sailing time the past two years. It was like riding on a whole wave of emotions and dealing with bouts of self-doubt... plus the constant urge to sleep and just not do anything. I'm incredibly grateful not to have been too overwhelmed by all that though, and glad that I've had people who reaffirmed their faith in me all the way, so this was truly a pleasant surprise. But what made it all sweeter was being able to share the same jubilation with two of my closest friends, Shiyin and Jia! It's funny how we made our way to school together that day, walking side by side in complete silence except for the occasional glance of worry towards each other and a couple of minutes later, we were hugging each other so tightly -- in happiness.

That aside, we're now all at crossroads again and I pretty much have my heart set on a course already. It wasn't difficult to make this choice because I was quite sure of which direction I was headed towards, and a great deal of consideration was involved definitely. It's not a very conventional route, but I'm more than prepared and I feel that it would be something I would love studying, and love doing in future as well. Expectedly though, I've had to justify my choice when I could have chosen something else and truthfully, it's a little tiring when people don't understand sigh. But I guess I've been questioned a lot about my educational choices in the past, this is nothing really new. It's my belief that it's what you make of your choices that matter.
"All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. 
To the place the streams come from, there they return 

Sorry Shin, I just had to HAHAHA

Happy 19th birthday to one of my dearest friends ever, Shiyin ❤ I'm so proud of how far we've come and I pray with all my heart that we remain tight irregardless of where we go.

It's heartwarming that the six of us still come together doing the same retarded things for seven years and counting. Well at least we're no longer running from cabin to cabin on the train (ohmygod)...but we're still embarrassing on the train. Like blowing up balloons, accidentally releasing the air and giggling non stop. But that's what I really love, that we can be so unapologetically shameless around one another.

Also, hi Mui Mui I don't think you know how good it was catching up with you again. It's so reminiscent of the time we sat at SMU trying to study but ended up talking about our future. Please take good care of Molly!!! We'll meet again soon yes.

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