Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 - Faces and spaces in pictures

On New Year's Eve, I curated a brief summary of the events that passed over last year, which was a mere 2 days ago on my Dayre. As a complement to that, I'll make a photo-journal similar to one I've done for the year before, and add on some arbitrary/miscellaneous thoughts and captions. I'm trying to make this yearly photo-journal a habitual, commemorative effort.

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1 January 2015
I dyed my hair to a light golden brown

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay
Exactly a day before the release of A level results
A level results day - a day to remember

Shiyin's birthday surprise: SUCCESS!

First clubbing experience HAHA and I found out also that I'm the one with uncontrollable laughter when I'm high.

Our zookeeper uniforms HAHA - first night of work!
Days where we visited the basement of Orchard Central together at midnight to take out the trash

1 June 2015
Trampoline park birthday surprise!

Hong Kong with the friends who made JC less of a hellish journey
SEA Games 2015!
"I made believe that I was right on top of the world"
THE GORGEOUS GIFT that now sits on my table

With the girl whom I really wanted to be friends with 7 years ago. Look where we are now hehe

LOVES that came to surprise me for my birthday 


#beantobali 2015
Bali was really a period of time where I was truly happy and carefree, I literally had nothing except maybe losing money/getting robbed to worry about. Most importantly, I was having so much fun with the girls that I can probably trust with my life that nothing else really mattered. 

MOHH Induction Camp at Pulau Ubin!
Award Ceremony 2015 - With the people whom I got through camp days and days of induction talks together with.
Second last day of work at Cold Stone Creamery 
With Yuhua and Ayu in the walk-in chiller 
Ayu and Edward!

Man, looking at these pictures really make me miss working there, especially closing shifts which were though tiring, fun because of our late night conversations on the cab home. 

My brother and I finally got separate rooms, and I kind of got it revamped 
Commenced my freshman year at NUS 
The Maine's gig on August 15th with Stacy!

Been using this cover since forever, and I got it signed hehe 

Sleepover at YNC with Shincat the burrito
First ever election rally ever attended! 

When Shiro became entrusted to our care for a week!

Infant angels in white 

CRAZY mid-week sleepover at Grace's room in RC4
A CRAZIER sleepover

Christmas dinner with the girls who have been with me for 7 years
Jimmy the Cat
Standard Chartered Marathon 2015 - Volunteered as a first aider on the medical team and no sleep for almost 20 hours 
NEKO ATSUME! Um I can explain this.

Other events:
  • First clinical attachment at St Luke's Hospital
  • Taiwan/Homage to ancestral town 
I'll probably do a separate post in my free time about Taiwan because I have about a 1100+ photos I need to sort onto my laptop and several noteworthy ones I want to share! But yes, that's basically a pictorial summary of my year. 

A few wishes for 2016 before I conclude this post,
  1. Contentment
  2. Wisdom
  3. Hope
  4. Courage
  5. Love 
Here's to a Happy New Year everyone!

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