Friday, 18 April 2014

All we needed were some good friends and a song to sing along

Let's just say school... Is a chore nowadays. Waking up and keeping awake are the most difficult parts of the day. It's almost impossible to complete homework in one day because by the time we finish school, it's late afternoon and on my free days, I crash onto my bed and "nap" till dinner time. My use for alarm clocks has become as good as obsolete, which is really bad.

The pressure to do well just keeps building, because of the expectations of others and most importantly, myself. For the first time in my life, I've come to realise the true meaning of striking a balance between work and play. Letting yourself down is perhaps one of the worst ever feelings, and sometimes trying to keep your head up is very difficult albeit tiring. But on the bright side, I've made many good friends whom I treasure, and couldn't have possibly survived this journey till now.

Right now, it's about 4 weeks to mid years' and we're currently in the A divs season! Though I'm not particularly skilled at it, I have no qualms about joining volleyball. It's very heartening to be in a team, a team that never leaves anyone behind, or gives up on anyone. In the past year, I've struggled to build on my vb skills, but each time I was let down because till now I can't serve consistently or spike properly. I've learnt to receive much much better compared to when we first started, so that's an achievement in itself I guess. Naturally, I really didn't expect to make the team, but I did, and I'm extremely fortunate and grateful for the chance I was given. It gave me a little more faith in my abilities, which I so often doubt. And I'm so so proud of our team, for having done a spectacular job at last Wednesday's match! We were initially losing in the first set, and at the start of the second set, but later on we caught up and went on to win the set and another set. 

It meant the whole world to us, because we were always losing our friendly matches. And it wasn't because our team wasn't capable, it was the inexperience and the nerves. But the fact that we were able to overcome this to triumph is extremely encouraging. I have yet to go out to play, and hopefully I'll get the chance to on Monday's match. 

Ultimately, I've emerged from playing this sport, a stronger individual. You cannot give in just because your mind tells you you can't. Volleyball's a team sport, and the importance of communication and team spirit cannot be any more obvious. 

It's great to be part of something special. 

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