Friday, 20 June 2014

Caretaker of my (young) soul

Tonight before I sleep (albeit with a heavy heart) I think about my grandmother.

Of how incredibly lonely she might feel at this moment when everyone else is up to their own agendas while she is probably confused and trying to recollect her jumbled memories. The worn look in her eyes and her scabrous, baggy skin that is wrinkling and shrivelling like a dried up prune - an image that makes my heart ache so badly, especially after I saw her today. I think about the fragility of her tiny frame and how it reflects the fragility of life at the same time. How unforgiving life is, wearing down on her, I cannot fathom, and perhaps will probably never be able to. 

I am longing to be by her side more than ever, I want to take care of her like how she watched over me during my younger days and I cannot tolerate it when people lose their patience on her. Nobody probably understands what she's going through now, not when she's having trouble remembering even the people closer to her or remembering that she has yet to take her lunch. 

If only we are all a little less selfish, if only everyone was a little more appreciative. 

And tonight as I sleep, I sleep with a heavy heart. 

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