Saturday, 27 December 2014


Am currently listening to American Authors and it brings these post trip feels all over again. It really was one of those best days of my life. I was actually thinking of tweeting this but then I decided against it, like on many other occasions. Somehow I feel that the thoughts I treasure the most deserve a place where it can be seen, but not at a place where people just... tweet? Since only a few people actually know of this blog I feel comfortable sharing these random stuff mmm even if it means inserting some nonsensical things like this line right here at least it gives me the impression that not everyone knows it. Also, I finally unrolled the yoga mat I bought recently after starting yoga lessons with Shiyin. I suppose I better start practicing because I really want to stop shaking so much during class. Alright bye, their songs make me so happy and I don't really know what is compelling me to write these words right now.

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