Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014: A visual journal

1st January 2014
Just before school started, we took 2 hours to decide whether we should settle for churros or not

Glowing bacteria at Science Centre

CJ Open House with our guest hehe
First week of hell year

CNY celebrations

Our soba lou hei HAHAHA

First visit to the SEA Aquarium. Strangely, watching fishes turned out to be rather therapeutic. 

CNY steamboat with the volleyball team

~ Alfresco ~

At Rach's for steamboat!

Never thought we'd actually be doing this now for yoga hahaha

Rice farmer 
Pretending to be clubbing on a Saturday night HAHA

Ziqi's brilliant birthday chicken 

Shin's birthday

Cross country at Bedok Reservoir

This was taken on one fine day during the March holidays

Over at Cleo's to make macarons!

Rockafella X with the girls

Cleo's choir concert

PW results day

Just before A divs

Our pretty interesting CIP at IKEA hehe 

Random day in school

Post Mid-Years', we lost sense of who we were


Last training day

A day in the life of College of the Demented. When they came over to surprise me :')

CJ Celebrates

~ Study day ~

Rushing down to the canteen for AYAM PENYET

Racial Harmony Day!

"I'm friends with a monster"

Hehe the cute class all dressed up in PJs

Miss Chee is appalled. 

Back in STC

Post prelims cycling at ECP

The day Rach came over with a bunch of ORCHIDS because she didn't have a vase HAHAHA while I was frantically trying to complete Econs

Surprise Cleo: SUCCESS :)

Graduation Day

Post A's class chalet: I got a certificate for being the tallest person in class

Sending Kriti off :(

Right after we came back from NZ

After our first wobbly yoga lesson

31st December 2014

Counting down to the New Year with these girls ♡ No sweeter way to end the year.

I love you forever 笔ff

And hello there 2015, I am ready for you.

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