Monday, 1 June 2015

Hong Kong 2015 II

Day 3: Repulse Bay/Kwai Chung Plaza/The Peak

Our most eventful day yet! Finally, it wasn't raining when we walked out from our hostel in the morning. We decided to seize this chance to go to Repulse Bay in case it rains the next few days and we'll never be able to go. We had eggtarts and custard buns for breakfast and just ate them on the go.

I like how I look the tallest here hehe. I cheated. 

Repulse Bay was beautiful but it would have been nicer had the sky been clearer. I love the water though, it looks like one of the default wallpapers on iPhone! And it was chilly and refreshing. We spent most of our time taking pictures until it started raining... surprise surprise. But it stopped after a while so we quickly made our move - towards the highly recommended Kau Kee beef brisket noodles at Gough Street in Central. So that is how we ended back at Central again haha. But we were met with yet another disappointment... it was a Sunday and Kau Kee was closed D: This dampened our spirits more than the egg tarts did because we had been talking about beef brisket noodles the entire morning. We had to settle for a really mediocre lunch at a random eatery while watching horse racing. Wellington Street, where we are was a very pretty and picture perfect street however, they had several boutique shops selling clothes, little knick knacks and food. 

The good news is that when we decided to give Tai Cheong bakery another shot since it was nearby, there were finally eggtarts ready! We bought a box of ten back. 

We headed to Kwai Chung plaza next, a review I read last time said that it was similar to the things that were sold in Bangkok. But it was actually the same as in Argyle actually, only more expensive. I think by then we have been spoiled by shopping at Argyle that we weren't particularly impressed with Kwai Chung. 

Dinner was at Kam's Roast Goose in Wan Chai! Kam's Roast Goose is a one Michelin star restaurant and they were awarded the Michelin star only recently this year. Second disappointment of the day though: there was no more roasted pork left. But the amazing roast goose made up for everything, I usually just leave out the fatty part but this time I ate everything. I really liked the charsiew too it was so thick and satisfying. 

Made our way up to the Peak rather expectantly because the sky SEEMED clear and nice that night. There were still many people going up even at around 9:30pm. 


Everyone, presenting to you the most breathtaking view of...

I continued with the sad face not knowing everyone was now smiling.


third disappointment of the day.

We were actually amused more than anything that we could see practically nothing at all but the mist all around us. It felt like we were amongst the clouds. There wasn't much point in staying there so we proceeded to join the long queue for the tram back down to go back to settle for the night. Too many disappointments man.

Day 4: Argyle Round 3 & 4/Avenue of the Stars

We didn't actually have any concrete plans that day except for the evening as a result of all the jumbling up of our itinerary. So I suggested that we go to Sky100, an indoor observation deck since we didn't get to see any view of the skyline at the Peak the night before.

Breakfast at Australian Dairy Company! It was evidently a very popular breakfast place because the queue was very long. But it cleared rather quickly and we got to know why upon entering. The waiters well, are not exactly very friendly and accommodating. I understood why though, the entire place was packed and they were rushing to take our order so we felt very pressurised. Their famous milk pudding was really good! But a bit overwhelming having a whole bowl to myself. Even before we finished eating, they were pressuring us to finish, and another group of Singaporean students were already standing beside our table waiting for us to leave. It was such a relief when we got out, we could finally breathe and digest our food.

Long, hot walk to the mall where Sky100 was located
We were starting to worry that we were walking in the wrong direction on route to Sky100, because of the lack of people around, but just construction everywhere. But even after we found it, we didn't actually go inside because it was rather expensive at 118 HKD and the sky was quite foggy so we doubted we could see much anyway. So... journey to Sky100 wasted.

A photo for the memory's sake; we were here!
Back to our second home, Argyle Centre we went for round 3 of shopping! Hahaha shop owners actually started recognising us because we kept walking in and out of the same shops, contemplating on whether or not to buy their stuff. We managed to try the cold noodles from the stall at the basement of Argyle and it was pretty good! It tasted like cold soba with garlic sauce, seaweed and squid. Speaking of squid I got this from a roadside stall selling smelly tofu, and other random fried food. 

Soooo good
I was in the process of pulling it out using my teeth when suddenly the girls came into our room halfway and surprised me with cake! :')

I was really surprised I didn't know what to say because it was still quite far away from my birthday and well we were overseas so I didn't suspect anything at all ahhh.

Headed back out again - to Tsim Sha Tsui to see the Avenue of the Stars. It was quite cloudy but it was by far the best view we could ask for. Sat down by the promenade for a while just enjoying the breeze and watching the boats drifting along. We had initially wanted to catch the sunset over here but I guess the weather only barely let up yet again. 

Avenue of the Stars is actually an HK version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I didn't recognise many of the HK movie stars however. 

The iconic Bruce Lee statue

The HK skyline is really beautiful when all the lights are lit up.

And this pretty much concludes our last night in HK (and Ah Shan), saying the most nonsensical of things and laughing so hard amongst ourselves, it was one memorable last night.

Day 5: Hong Kong to Singapore

We were supposed to go to Lantau Island after leaving our luggages at the airport... but it rained on our parade again. We didn't really have a choice but to spend our day indoors because the black rain signal was actually on. HK has different signals for different levels of severity for rain, with black being the worst. It was horrible :( We camped out at Langham Place, having brunch and then having a second look at H&M.

At least we managed to finally find the iconic Mr Softee ice cream van! 

Dessert at Hui Lau Shan

Bye bye Ah Shan
On board the comfy bus to the airport

We rushed our dinner thinking we were going to be late for our flight because we found out last minute that departures were from another terminal, but it turned out that almost all flights had been delayed, probably because of the bad weather from this morning. HK's airport was really messy though, passengers were sitting around everywhere, even on the floor. Stacy and I ended up being the last to board the plane HAHA because we wanted to bring yogurt up but we weren't allowed to so we had to exchange it for a very expensive pack of chocolate granola instead.

Good bye Hong Kong, please let us all have good weather when we next visit :)

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